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If you have been telling yourself that it is time to go to the doctor for a checkup because it has been years and years, it is probably the right time to make an appointment. Your body and mind are definitely trying to tell you something vitally important.


At our clinic you will discover and become familiar with any one of our highly competent staff of licensed physicians. Having a friendly doctor with whom you are familiar is the start of an incomparable relationship. You and your doctor’s relationship is a special one and the basis for maintaining your future good health. This person is the one everyone will turn to in the event of a medical issue because your PMC is the one who knows your medical history and best of all has it documented.

Keep in mind that your primary care physician is in the business of caring for his patient’s overall health. A PMC will come to know the unique person you are. He or She will eventually come to know everything there is to know about you—your family circumstances / obligations,
what type of work you do, if you work, and if there is a lot of stress equated with the job. He or she will become familiar with your plans or goals and be able to offer advice, based on your health, whether or not to pursue certain endeavors.

Rest assured that when you come to our clinic, for an office visit and you are in pain or just are not feeling well, you will be comforted when you are greeted by a friendly staff who knows you.

We believe in building more personalized relationships with our patients, and our doctors take this approach to ensure your needs are met as best as possible every visit. Combine it all and you have a doctor's visit experience that is individualized for your needs. All of our doctors are board certified Doctors licensed by the Medical Board of California.



Even though you may be well and you never have had to see a doctor or perhaps you had health insurance at one time and did have a doctor but now you no longer have health insurance so you no longer visit a doctor, only in the event of an emergency. This may be time to start thinking seriously about acquiring a general practice doctor.

Or, maybe this sounds familiar, you are single and without insurance and even though you may have needed to go to the doctor a few times in the past, like after you tripped and fell and tore your knee. Or like the time you missed a step and twisted your ankle or cut yourself shaving so bad you probably could have used a stitch but did not seek medical attention because you did not have a general practice doctor to call or visit.

None of the above examples should be an issue for anyone, but with the cost of health care today people are foregoing doctor’s visits, even in the case of an emergency, when they need to go, because of exorbitant prices. For the uninsured, this is a very real and problematic issue.

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From your first step into the office, you’ll experience a warm and friendly ambiance which transforms a visit to the doctor into a less stressful experience. Our devoted, multi-lingual staff is highly trained to attend to your individual needs and minimize your waiting time. We are equipped with the most sophisticated diagnostic medical equipment, aimed to efficiently and thoroughly define and identify our patients' problem areas.

Our staff implores you to stop putting your health on the back burner. Even if you feel you cannot afford the office visit, we will work with you and your income so you can receive the health care you need. Our office visits are affordable at $100 for the initial visit with discounts many months of the year.

Your general practice doctor at Open Care Medical Center takes time to become familiar with all patients. Office visits are never rushed, no matter if you walked in and did not have a scheduled appointment.



Everyone Should have a Primary Care Physician

Remember that your doctor knows your body as well as you do. He or she can observe abnormalities such as redness or swelling around areas of your body that you may not have ever noticed.

As you grow older, your general practice doctor is the one who will determine the onset of diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, heart abnormalities, for example, by the annual tests performed each year. Having regular testing done is paramount to maintaining your good future health.

The facility at Open Care Medical Center is equipped to handle all of your yearly, biannual or monthly health care maintenance tests. Our state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff who has the credentials to operate the equipment will always assure accuracy.

Once your general practice physician becomes more familiar with your history and monitors you tests over the years, he or she will be able to help you guide your future health goals. Your PMC is the one who will make a referral to a specialist for you. If tests show a heart abnormality, your doctor will make a recommendation to a heart specialist. If the numbers from your blood work are abnormal, your doctor will know what to do and/or to whom to send you for further evaluation.

So if you are reading this and you still are wondering isn’t it about time I had a check up?..


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